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I, Josephine, moved freely in-between the famous and the infamous always being protected by powerful men who wouldn’t blink an eye ordering the execution of many others. What allowed me, having been brought up a "good Catholic girl" in a convent to enter this domain and not fear for my safety? It was meant to be...

"Oh my God", if the nuns could have seen me. Transformed from an angelic, skinny convent girl to a voluptuous "Burlesque Queen" then a "Mafia Bride". February, 1965, I’m at the Eden Roc Hotel in Miami Beach, Florida. My hosts? None other than Frank Sinatra and Joe E. Lewis. Here I was, Josephine, a 23-year old goddess escorted by "Murder Incorporated". By my side was Joseph "Possum" Nesline, Washington D.C.’s crime boss. Anthony "Fat Tony" Salerno, the number racket king of Harlem and of the New York Genovese family. Also at the table, Vincent "Jimmy Blue Eyes" Alo, the crime captain to Gerard Cateno and Meyer Lansky’s watchdog, along with Santos Trafficante of Florida who has been linked with the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and Joseph Fischetti of the Chicago family.

Including my long time friendship with Erica "Heidi" Rikan who was alleged to be the "Watergate Madam" Cathy Dieter.

Who would believe, 6 months later, that Frank Sinatra would be doing a benefit concert in Lawton Penitentiary? Other performers at this concert were Count Basie and the wonderful Ella Fitzgerald. It was all arranged by Joseph Nesline. The only guests from the outside? Mia Farrow, Frank Sinatra’s new bride, Don Hewitt of "60 Minutes", and myself; proudly and lovingly looking on.

My residence... the London Hilton Hotel. My chance meeting with members of the Kuwaiti royal family, Sheik Mubrark Al-Sabah, Minister of the Defense led to an intimate winter never forgotten. My encounter led to the introduction into the powerful black gold cartel.

The Presidential suite of the London Hilton witnessed the only time I cheated on Joseph Nesline, with no other than the future king of Saudi Arabia, Fahd Abdul Aziz. After one gaze into his mystical soul I knew it was meant to be.

The public continues to be fascinated with the mob. Add to that current interest in the Middle East and of course, the number one! "Lucky 325" will intrigue, astonish, and have people asking, "How could all this happen?" The answer as I, Josephine, will tell you with a smile, was that it was supposed to happen this way.

Everything is predestined, nothing is by chance...

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